Saturday, July 4, 2020

"Culling the herd" and other random thots .....

Culling the herd.
     When this Covid-19 pandemic started a few months ago and it became clear that older folks were going to be more likely to die from the disease as an elder I recoiled in anger and disgust when someone mentioned that they thought it seemed like "they" whoever "they" were was just "culling the herd!" 

     What a nasty thought I mused.  Ancient aliens?  God?  Who?  At any rate it soon became clear that this idea of culling the herd had some traction in action.  Not only culling the herd of old-timers but especially of the poor and disadvantaged elders who lived near already over-burdened health facilities in cities, in ghettos and who have brown skin.

Wearing masks to control infection.

     Sometimes in the mornings I go for a walk along the Kapaa seashore walking path to get some exercise and to be active against the malaise of depression that has seeped into our collective consciousness during this ongoing pandemic.  This morning, of the 13 people that were walking too and passed closer than six feet to me not one of them was wearing a mask.  None of those running or riding a bike on the path were wearing a mask either.

     There is definitely a pattern emerging.  It is the younger of both sexes that seem to avoid wearing masks.  I wear a mask both inside a store and while walking outside with other people nearby.  The mask protects me and it also protects other people.  It is the safe and wise thing to do.

Stupid folks at Trump rallies without masks and sitting together? 

     What can they be thinking?  Well, if they voted for Trump they likely lack the capacity to think clearly in the first place.  It is time we called stupid people stupid.  It is what they are and who knows what their motivation is?  Racism?  They certainly don't care about engaging in activities that pass on the virus to others and they don't care about risking the lives of older people to the infection.  "Stupid is as stupid does" to quote Forrest Gump!

     When these Trump voters attend his rallies they are asked to sign a release exempting Trump from the risk of being sued if they get infected with Covid-19.  That should be a clue to anyone with half a brain that something is wrong and deceitful with what they have been told about the risks and about Mr. Trump.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Stupid is as stupid does!

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