Thursday, June 18, 2020

Lydgate isn't the Jewel in the piko of Kauai anymore.

Lydgate Park isn't the Jewel in the piko (bellybutton)  of Kauai anymore.

      The homeless population problems in Hawaii have impacted all the islands and Kauai is one of the hardest hit.  It has been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic on all islands also.  On Kauai, the largest group of homeless folks have been relocated from beneath a nearby bridge with all  their belongings, old cars and trash to the campgrounds in Lydgate Park with bathroom and shower facilities.  This is better shelter and cleaner conditions for this group of folks but it closes the use of the park for others.

   You see, this particular group of people contains some individuals with mental problems.  These issues can be dangerous or benign depending upon who they are and how they act.  Some of them yell, gesture menacingly  and present as psychotic while others seem harmless.

     The county needs to deal with this situation before someone gets hurt or the county gets sued for maintaining a dangerous nuisance.  It is definitely a liability the citizens of Kauai don't need. 

     Where to house these folks is of course the main issue.  They are not going away or getting smaller as a population.  Mayor Kawakami should put this problem on the top of the list of problems to deal with as if he doesn't have enough.  Perhaps a police substation could be located nearby in the park, or another less intrusive spot could be chosen.  Otherwise, this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.  That is the old way Kauai used to do things.  Let's be proactive and work on this before the issues around it get bigger.

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