Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A letter to the editor on the Garden Island I agree! Way to go Ray.

Those suing Ige are foolish
Here is a good one. TGI 6/14/20 “IGE NAMED IN COVID SUIT.” What? It stated that 12 of the 13 people filing the suit are from Kaua‘i. The suit stated, and I’ll quote, “The 170-page complaint alleges the emergency order, including the self-quarantine and social-distancing requirements, violate citizens’ fundamental right to movement and fundamental right to liberty, and fundamental right to due process” under state and federal laws.
Why? Don’t you all want to be saved? The whole world is doing it and, really, do you all feel you are all exceptional and are entitled to different priorities and laws? Really, who the hell are you people? Why didn’t you guys just forget what the governor said and did what you felt you needed to do, not stick to the rules, and see what happened and then become statistics?
You folks are no better than me, and if I and others like me did what the governor said for the safety and protections for all of us, don’t you think and believe it was a good thing? Or would you have rather disregarded what the governor said and increased the number of coronavirus and deaths on Kaua‘i? Truthfully, again I say, are you guys for real? It’s people like you who could screw up good things. Are you the problems or the solutions?
To sue the governor and those with him because of your selfishness (wanted to say something nasty, but really holding back) for all our safety, protection and for the good of the people, is ridiculous and uncalled for. You’re no better than me.
Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e 

Ige named in COVID suit. LIHU'E — A civil lawsuit against Gov. David Ige alleges his COVID-19-related orders violate state and federal constitutions, and requests the courts declare those rules unconstitutional and void.4 days ago

Ige named in COVID suit | The Garden Island

Way to go Ray.  You said it and I agree.

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