Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thursday April 9th Rant.

Thursday April 9th Rant. The CDC?

     The below quote is from the Kauai Garden Island yesterday about the cluster of Covid-19 infections discovered recently on Maui at the hospital and hospital staff on the island: 

"Maui Health System said its staff members have been trained in the latest U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols to safely care for COVID-19 patients. The organization said it has safety precautions and equipment in place to safely care for patients."  

     This quote pretty well says it all about our healthcare system and it's reliance on fake science and frankly bullshit to substantiate their innocence and guiltless adherence to a system that routinely pulls facts and explanations out of their "you know where" when reality pokes it's ugly head into the public narrative.  Notice they say the "latest protocols", not the  "correct protocols!"
     From the start of this pandemic the CDC has been "making things up!"  First it was the false narrative the if you are a healthy person you needn't wear a mask, then there was the "There is only symptomatic transmission of the disease" so don't worry about folks that don't show symptoms!  Also there was the patently false declaration that "Aerosols" are not a vector for disease transmission!  All of these CDC positions have been proven wrong.  And now the narrative the CDC is promoting is that their knowledge of the Coronavirus is just "developing" when all of these assumptions were obviously wrong from the jump-start.  Any first year medical student could tell you that fact.  Why promulgate false narratives?  
     Why?  In the first case, the false mask narrative it is because the American medical system was unprepared and overwhelmed for the pandemic and didn't and still doesn't have enough gear and supplies to properly fight the virus and didn't want to cop to the truth.  Also, in the case of defining symptomatic transmission as being the only means of transmission it is because the country was unable to supply enough masks, testing materials, chemicals, training, and other supplies to meet the need to stop the virus.  Fail.  Our system has failed us as guardians of our medical health.


1.) Medically proven effective masks should be made available to all, the very best and most effective need to be provided to medical first responders and treatment staff.  

2.)  Almost everyone should be tested symptomatic or asymptomatic or not.  How are we going to stop transmission unless we know who has the disease?  Not enough tests?  Provide them.  The president has war powers to demand this happens.  This is a war against our health. Just do it!

3. )  Stop providing false narratives to save face when the truth serves us better to protect the citizens of theis country,

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