Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Time for a change.

A one industry economy is pau in Hawaii!

Economist: Hawaii in recession as virus shuts down tourism

It is time that we realize in Hawaii that after this global Coboit-19 pandemic things are never going to be the same in our islands and in the future a one industry economy will not sustain a healthy and robust lifestyle for the citizens of our state.

Don't our leaders see that we must diversify our economy NOW!

"Back in day" as they say Hawaii had an economy that was diversified, depending upon several sectors for income including the military and agriculture in the mix.  The coronavirus has put the spotlight on Hawaii's single tourism income economy that depends solely upon tourism as source of income.  It is obvious that when something like this disease occurs our whole single income society is disrupted.

  We need to diversify our economy and embrace sectors that earn an income from activities that don't depend strictly upon one activity, the "visitor industry."

Problems with development of alternate industry in Hawaii begin and end with land acquisition and availability.  We traditionally had a few large landowners in Hawaii, the big companies which are the owners and inheritors of the plantation system that still hold our destiny in their grasp.  If we can deal with the cost of land without prostituting ourselves to a predatory visitor industry we will be able to escape from this problem.  Remember that we lost billions during the previous SARS crisis.  We will lose billions more to Cobit-19.  And there will be more "pandemics" if our planet doesn't change it's ways.  This is the future unless we change our way of thinking in the islands. Otherwise we will be stuck with things the way they are today with our leaders dedicated to overbuilding and overpopulation and a lame old style visitor industry population!

People of Hawaiian ancestry realized long ago what a mess the visitor industry has created.  They have fled. Today there are more people of Hawaiian ancestry living outside Hawaii on the US mainland and elsewhere than live in Hawaii. 

We need and should elect politicians and leadership that have new ideas and that can lead us to a new style of life, one that embraces new values and acknowledges the problems with a global economy with supply chains controlled far away and where new diseases are not nurtured by industry and moneyed interests hostile to people and subservient to profits.

 Don't our leaders and politicians see that we must diversify our economy NOW!



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