Saturday, March 7, 2020

Stop the cruise ships until they are Coronavirus free.

Stop cruise ships visiting Hawaii ports until the Coronavirus crisis is past!

It is pretty clear that the cruise ship "industry' is big part of the problem of spreading the epidemic to Hawaii and other seaport destinations. Why does the State of Hawaii permit this to happen? Money over the people? 

 Spreading this disease is an absolutely forseeable consequence when they allow passengers, some infected, some not to spread helter-skelter across the Hawaiian archipelago.  They visit popular tourist destinations and restaurants putting our citizens and especially their kupuna in mortal danger. 

Our Lieutenant Governor, Josh Green, is a medical doctor that has warned the cruise ship folks and the public that the cruise ship's present way of interacting with Hawaii is dangerous and reckless.  He recommends changes and safeguards and says that until they are implemented the cruise ships should stop.  

Some folks say that it is up to the Coast Guard but others say that we should just not permit anyone to disembark when they attempt to visit unless all passengers and crew have been tested and found negative.  We have a sovereign  right to control our ports and who comes and goes.  Otherwise we should sue their asses into bankruptcy for putting the public health in danger.  Period.  Peoples lives are in danger, especially Kupuna like myself.  

This isn't a grey area Governor, it is clear.  How many people need to die because of your wimpy leadership? Whip out your calculator and do it now!

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