Thursday, March 5, 2020

"Promise them anything, but give them Arpege!"

"Promise them anything, but give them Arpege!"

 "Promise them anything, but give them Arpege!" is an old advertising hack from back in the day.  It pretends to be a little "white lie" that is harmless.  But not supplying medical masks to the general public and especially more vulnerable elderly and otherwise compromised for bullshit reasons is not a white lie but a harmful and deadly lie for some.

One of the many lies and subterfuges the leadership and the media have spread about the coronovirusis that if you don't have the virus you needn't wear a protective mask.  There are so many misconceptions and little white lies around this crisis but this is one of the most harmful.

You see, the virus is spread by droplets of biological material inhaled thru the nose and mouth when an infected persons sneezes or touchs his/her mouth or nose and touches a surface and a non-infected touch touches the same surface and becomes infected.  Now a mask makes this transmission vector more difficult when worn by both the infected and not infected persons.

The apparent reason that they lie to the public about the usefulness of medical masks is because there is a huge shortage of masks and it is so they have enough to supply the needs of the overworked healthcare industry that is risking their health and life treating and diagnosing patients.  Simple. 

But the truth is that every citizen that wants and needs a mask should be able to get one.  

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