Friday, March 13, 2020

Our leadership on Kauai and Statewide appears Gutless and Stupid!

Our leadership on Kauai and Statewide appears Gutless and Stupid: They still permit Cruise ships to spill out possibly infected passengers to visit Costco and elsewhere.

Cruise ship passengers on Kauai love Costco because it is close to where the Cruise Ships dock and because they love to buy their stash of liquor (I am told by relatives that use cruises that passengers are told by the cruise lines not to bring liquor on board, and to instead to buy the expensive supplies that the lines supply.  So, they hide the liquor in big bags and sneak it back on board.) The cruise ship passengers love Costco and apparently Costco loves them.  

Cruise lines and the vendors that encourage them are risking the health and welfare of our community on Kauai when they let possibly infected passengers off the ships to spread whatever infections thay may have to the community in general.  "Just sayin' IMO!

 Kauai Mayor Kawakami Please Say and Do Something!


It is absolutely clear that the cruise ship "industry' is big part of the Coronavirus problem by spreading the epidemic to Hawaii and other seaport destinations. Why does the Leadership in the State of Hawaii and on the island of Kauai in my case, permit this to happen? Money over the people? At the very least the mayor of Kauai, Derek Kawakami, and the Governor of the state should speak up directly to the cruise ship companies and to the public making it clear and warning businesses they are harming the  public health and welfare of our citizenry by continuing their reckless disregard of our welfare.

The Federal Government is warning people to avoid cruise  ships. This a real danger Governor, it is obvious.  How many people will die before you take action?  Do something to protect your citizens NOW TODAY!


Combating the new coronavirus: The Garden Island Newspaper

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