Monday, March 9, 2020

Our leadership needs to Stop cruise ships visiting Hawaii ports NOW!

 Our leadership needs to Stop cruise ships visiting Hawaii ports NOW!

 Kauai Mayor Kawakami Please Say and Do Something!

It is absolutely clear that the cruise ship "industry' is big part of the Coronavirus problem by spreading the epidemic to Hawaii and other seaport destinations. Why does the Leadership in the State of Hawaii and on the island of Kauai in my case, permit this to happen? Money over the people? At the very least the mayor of Kauai, Derek Kawakami, and the Governor of the state should speak up directly to the cruise ship companies and to the public making it clear and warning businesses they are harming the  public health and welfare of our citizenry by continuing their reckless disregard of our welfare.

 Spreading this disease is an absolutely foreseeable consequence when they allow untested passengers, some infected, some not to spread helter-skelter across the Hawaiian archipelago.  At each island, they visit popular tourist destinations and restaurants putting our citizens and especially their kupuna in mortal danger. Speaking up publicly will establish a basis of their legal liability for the Cruise ship industry's continued reckless behavior.

Our Lieutenant Governor, Josh Green, is a medical doctor has warned the cruise ship folks and the public that the cruise ship's present way of interacting with Hawaii is dangerous and reckless.  He recommends changes and safeguards and says that until they are implemented the cruise ships should stop.  He said that he is "asking" the White House to stop the cruises until safeguards are in place.  What more does our leadership need other than to have the guts to take action on our behalf?

We have a sovereign  right to control our island's health and welfare.  We should ask them to cease and desist in a public forum and if they decline to stop we need to take more drastic measures. Legal action is one avenue.  Closing ports to them by not permitting them to dock is another.  Continuing to dock and permitting infected people to disembark and put the public health in danger seems unacceptable to me.  Period.  Peoples lives are in danger, especially Kupuna like myself.  

The Federal Government is warning people to avoid cruise  ships. This a real danger Governor, it is obvious.  How many people will die before you take action?  Do something to protect your citizens NOW TODAY!

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