Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Our inadequate system of manufacturing and distribution!

The Corona Virus has exposed the "Shibai" quality of our most important institutions including our medical system.  OMG!

One of the many lies and subterfuges the medical community and the political leadership via the media have spread about the coronovirusis is that a person doesn't need a medical mask if you have no symptoms and are healthy when in public.  There are so many misconceptions and "little white lies" around this crisis but this is one of the most harmful.
 The apparent reason that doctors lie to the public about the usefulness of medical masks is because there is a huge shortage of masks and it is so they have enough to supply the needs of the overworked healthcare industry that is risking nurses and medical practitioners health and life treating and diagnosing patients.  Still, first responders are already complaining that their supplies of needed masks among other things are not adequate.
You see, the virus is spread by droplets of biological material inhaled thru the nose and mouth or thru the eyes when an infected persons sneezes nearby or when you touch your mouth or nose and/or when an infected person touches a surface and a non-infected touches the same surface and becomes infected.  Now a mask makes this transmission vector difficult when worn both for the infected and not infected persons. Still, even with a mask, the eyes of exposed people are still at risk without glasses or a shield.  But, let's face it, partial protection is better than NO protection!

But the truth is that every citizen that wants and needs a mask should be able to get one.  Why are there no masks available?  China and South Korea have been able to manufacture and distribute masks to all.  Why can't we do similarly? Is our medical system inadequate?  Is our industrial manufacturing system not up to the task? The answer when posing this particular question is "apparently so!"

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