Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dis' n' Data

A mixed bag of things and links for your edification!

(For COVID-19-related questions, routinely check the Centers for Disease Control website.  A new website was also launched Wednesday, hawaiicovid19.com to provide the latest statewide info. You can get local updates from kauai.gov and the county’s Facebook page.)

 A one-page, printable guide for preparing to shelter at home

 6 Hawaii residents, 2 others allowed to disembark from cruise ship docked in Honolulu

Community spread begins: The Garden Island

Coronavirus in paradise: Hawaii clamps down with curfews and quarantine

 Mayor Kawakami discusses Kauai mandatory curfew

US military successfully tests hypersonic weapon off Kauai

AsymptomaticWhat does it mean:  It sure as hell doesn't mean the person you are talking to doesn't have Covid-19

I really don't understand why we can't test everybody?  Why can't medical producers make enough or supply enough test kits to test anyone that wants one?  Why aren't our leaders asking this question loudly and emphatically?  It is how South Korea and China got a hold on the epidemic and it is the only way we will because data shows that populations that have been widely tested have proven that at least half the population tested have it but are asymptomatic and can spread it.

 First at-home coronavirus test kit is launching – here’s everything we know


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