Friday, February 21, 2020

No Mo Politics


 No MO Politics

I have decided to start writing my thoughts again in blog form but trying to avoid any particular attention to politics and the political arena.  Instead, I want to annotate the progress or lack thereof of my island home Kauai.  As I have said lately,  to many folks, "this is just not little old Kauai anymore!"

Like the rest of the globe, we are experiencing earth shattering changes in our way of life and an in-migration of fiscally endowed retirees and others such as the homeless seeking refuge from the destruction of the planet brought about by climate change and the destruction of our environment.  This is reflected everywhere on our island; from the homeless migrants to the rich.  Man is or perhaps "has" destroyed our planet and that fact is apparent on Kauai and it's people.

Kauai'a infrastructure is inadequate. Our roads are clogged and always have lines of traffic stretching miles and miles along Kuhio Highway fronting supermarkets and other stores.  We are vulnerable to disease epidemics and pandemics like the corona-virus that sweep the earth because our livelihood depends upon tourism and the money it provides.

The main island in the Hawaiian chain is Oahu and the mayor there, Kirk Caldwell, has recently recognized last year, 2019 as the hottest on record for the whole archipelago.  His solution is to "plant more trees!"  I am not sure what we can do but plant more trees will certainly not solve the problem nor stem the tide.

I am 77 years old and the lights are blinking out in my ivory tower.  I go on my walks along the coast and reflect on what is happening to me personally and to my island.  So here is a place you will find some of my artwork and some comments on what is happening.  Welcome to comments and open to to guest writers and artists with attributable original material.

John Shklov Feb 21, 2020

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