Saturday, February 22, 2020

Last Year Was Hawaii's Hottest Year On Record!

Yes, last year was the hottest year in the recorded history of the Hawaiian Islands.  It is time we kicked oil based transportation to the curb.

Tourism and Hawaii and the Corona virus? 

Yes, that is the most important question Hawaii has to deal with now since tourism is the primary economic driving force in the islands.  Even now our feckless  leadership lead by Governor Icky (Ige) and cohorts  has just visited and is encouraging tourism from countries like Japan which is entangled in the web of contamination and transmission of this disease of it's own incompetent making.  They want to just continue on as if nothing is happening whilst the tourist industry takes a slow slippery slide down the economic drain.  Yesterday the number of folks under self-supervised quarantine went from 33 to 56.  Tomorrow?   As one of our legislators, Glenn Wakai, (https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/memberpage.aspx?member=wakai) said  recently on TV "nobody will want to visit and come here if we become the focus of a corona virus outbreak!"

On Kauai the farmer's access to affordable water is being shut down in favor of tourism and real estate as our clueless Mayor Derek Kawakami gentrifies Lihue, promoting retail as it is declining and says not a peep in favor of agriculture or alternate economic drivers.  Kawakami seems stuck in the 60s or 70s while the world is changing our traffic is clogged and out of control, our way of life is stressful, wages are low and the virus is coming.  WTF?

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