Sunday, February 23, 2020

Comments and Criticisms


Comments and Criticisms

Thank God we elected a lieutenant Governor that is an MD and has practiced as an emergency room physician on the "big island" of Hawaii for much of his career.  He knows something useful and can help us cope with this coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe.  

Not the case with our lame Governor whose immediate response amid reports of asymmetric virus transmission in Japan where an infected visitor that visited Hawaii came from as Governor Ige rushed to visit Japan, he told us to welcome more visitors from that country as they themselves canceled the annual crowded celebrations of the Emperor's birthday held previously for 160 years without a break.  Yeah, come on Japanese visitors, bring us more infected visitors he says.  We need your money.

But, the fact is that we don't need more exposure to more of the virus
 when the Japanese themselves don't have a handle on the vectors of transmission within their own country.  

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