Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Joe Moore and KHON misrepresent the facts this time

Comments and Criticism Tuesday, FEB. 25 2020

Joe Moore has always been one of my favorite media personalities for more years than I care to enumerate.  Even though the station is a FOX station he has a record for much of the time to remain fair and non-judgemental when presenting the news from a fair and well documented standpoint.  Last night on the news ( Monday Feb. 24 2020.) was different.  Joe Moore on the eve of the stock market crashing over a 1000 points Joe and his station KHON broke that record and stumbled over their denial of how dangerous the coronavirus will be to both our health and economy.

Joe used false and incorrect statistics  to minimize the impact this virus is having, implying that the panic around the disease was overblown by comparing it to our seasonal flu virus.  His figures were incorrect and presented in such a way as to show that the risk to folks is overblown. I call "bullshit" on Joe.  He needs to get his facts straight.  

All nations including ours and the Chinese put out false narratives and have been in denial (not a river in Egypt).  Watch the BBC and see what is happening in Europe Joe, it will put you straight.  Statistics don't lie so get up to date statistics and your will have up to date news. Really despite how much money you and I make from their tourism Japan should not be shipping folks over here now and in the end the disease is progressing so fast that in fact that the 2020 Olympics in Japan will likely be canceled.  Wake up Joe and KHON don't spread a tainted narrative.

If the media can't tell the truth we all lose.  There are big stakes involved here.  BTW, the stock market tanked again today.

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