Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Joe Moore and KHON misrepresent the facts this time

Comments and Criticism Tuesday, FEB. 25 2020

Joe Moore has always been one of my favorite media personalities for more years than I care to enumerate.  Even though the station is a FOX station he has a record for much of the time to remain fair and non-judgemental when presenting the news from a fair and well documented standpoint.  Last night on the news ( Monday Feb. 24 2020.) was different.  Joe Moore on the eve of the stock market crashing over a 1000 points Joe and his station KHON broke that record and stumbled over their denial of how dangerous the coronavirus will be to both our health and economy.

Joe used false and incorrect statistics  to minimize the impact this virus is having, implying that the panic around the disease was overblown by comparing it to our seasonal flu virus.  His figures were incorrect and presented in such a way as to show that the risk to folks is overblown. I call "bullshit" on Joe.  He needs to get his facts straight.  

All nations including ours and the Chinese put out false narratives and have been in denial (not a river in Egypt).  Watch the BBC and see what is happening in Europe Joe, it will put you straight.  Statistics don't lie so get up to date statistics and your will have up to date news. Really despite how much money you and I make from their tourism Japan should not be shipping folks over here now and in the end the disease is progressing so fast that in fact that the 2020 Olympics in Japan will likely be canceled.  Wake up Joe and KHON don't spread a tainted narrative.

If the media can't tell the truth we all lose.  There are big stakes involved here.  BTW, the stock market tanked again today.

Tues Feb 25 2020

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

More Coronavirus News

More Coronavirus News

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Another Study Claims Wuhan Seafood Market May Not Be Source of Covid-19 Outbreak

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The only solution!

Comments and Criticisms


Comments and Criticisms

Thank God we elected a lieutenant Governor that is an MD and has practiced as an emergency room physician on the "big island" of Hawaii for much of his career.  He knows something useful and can help us cope with this coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe.  

Not the case with our lame Governor whose immediate response amid reports of asymmetric virus transmission in Japan where an infected visitor that visited Hawaii came from as Governor Ige rushed to visit Japan, he told us to welcome more visitors from that country as they themselves canceled the annual crowded celebrations of the Emperor's birthday held previously for 160 years without a break.  Yeah, come on Japanese visitors, bring us more infected visitors he says.  We need your money.

But, the fact is that we don't need more exposure to more of the virus
 when the Japanese themselves don't have a handle on the vectors of transmission within their own country.  

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Coronavirus Roundup of News

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Last Year Was Hawaii's Hottest Year On Record!

Yes, last year was the hottest year in the recorded history of the Hawaiian Islands.  It is time we kicked oil based transportation to the curb.

Tourism and Hawaii and the Corona virus? 

Yes, that is the most important question Hawaii has to deal with now since tourism is the primary economic driving force in the islands.  Even now our feckless  leadership lead by Governor Icky (Ige) and cohorts  has just visited and is encouraging tourism from countries like Japan which is entangled in the web of contamination and transmission of this disease of it's own incompetent making.  They want to just continue on as if nothing is happening whilst the tourist industry takes a slow slippery slide down the economic drain.  Yesterday the number of folks under self-supervised quarantine went from 33 to 56.  Tomorrow?   As one of our legislators, Glenn Wakai, (https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/memberpage.aspx?member=wakai) said  recently on TV "nobody will want to visit and come here if we become the focus of a corona virus outbreak!"

On Kauai the farmer's access to affordable water is being shut down in favor of tourism and real estate as our clueless Mayor Derek Kawakami gentrifies Lihue, promoting retail as it is declining and says not a peep in favor of agriculture or alternate economic drivers.  Kawakami seems stuck in the 60s or 70s while the world is changing our traffic is clogged and out of control, our way of life is stressful, wages are low and the virus is coming.  WTF?

Friday, February 21, 2020

No Mo Politics


 No MO Politics

I have decided to start writing my thoughts again in blog form but trying to avoid any particular attention to politics and the political arena.  Instead, I want to annotate the progress or lack thereof of my island home Kauai.  As I have said lately,  to many folks, "this is just not little old Kauai anymore!"

Like the rest of the globe, we are experiencing earth shattering changes in our way of life and an in-migration of fiscally endowed retirees and others such as the homeless seeking refuge from the destruction of the planet brought about by climate change and the destruction of our environment.  This is reflected everywhere on our island; from the homeless migrants to the rich.  Man is or perhaps "has" destroyed our planet and that fact is apparent on Kauai and it's people.

Kauai'a infrastructure is inadequate. Our roads are clogged and always have lines of traffic stretching miles and miles along Kuhio Highway fronting supermarkets and other stores.  We are vulnerable to disease epidemics and pandemics like the corona-virus that sweep the earth because our livelihood depends upon tourism and the money it provides.

The main island in the Hawaiian chain is Oahu and the mayor there, Kirk Caldwell, has recently recognized last year, 2019 as the hottest on record for the whole archipelago.  His solution is to "plant more trees!"  I am not sure what we can do but plant more trees will certainly not solve the problem nor stem the tide.

I am 77 years old and the lights are blinking out in my ivory tower.  I go on my walks along the coast and reflect on what is happening to me personally and to my island.  So here is a place you will find some of my artwork and some comments on what is happening.  Welcome to comments and open to to guest writers and artists with attributable original material.

John Shklov Feb 21, 2020